The M185 sequencer is an original design, first sold in 2009 as a limited edition module, in the Roland Systtem 100m modular format.
It has since gone on to inspire several other designs including the popular Intellijel Metropolis.
We are really excited about this new version of the infamous sequencer which, as well as the original core features, adds some really cool new functions:

A/B serial split sequence mode, loop A, then play a bit of B, the back to A etc

A/B parallel split sequence mode, for creating two independent sequences that play simultaneously. Great for creating polyrhythms or adding key change offsets to a main sequence

2 x CV/GATE outputs for 2 channel sequences, or for adding a 2nd CV modulation source

8 gate modes per stage, including variable time subdivisions per stage, super cool programmable gate patterns, and random gate per stage mode

CV OUT 2V/5V with scale quantise options, or un-quantised for microtonal pitch

MIDI IN/OUT for MIDI clock sync

MIDI note output, to control hardware MIDI synths or samplers from the M185

Firmware upgradable by MIDI Sysex