Firmware Downloads

Firmware V1.2 Update

Bug Fixes
- corrected MOD/CAR/ALL Warp options
- FM input now bipolar +/-5V
- AM inputs scale to 9V for max amplitude



NEW V1.25 Firmware !! (for Assembled and DIY KITs)
Jan 23

Please note there are two versions of
this firmware, please check your PCB revision to determine which firmware is for your module
[ the revision number is printed along the edge of the PCB near the power header ]

For PCBs revision V1.48 - V1.491  VWave V1.25_XRA

For PCB revision V1.44  VWave V1.25_MCP

Due to changes in the firmware, you may notice an offset on the M1-M4 inputs.
If this is occuring you will need to re-calibrate the ADC inputs. please 
Power up the module, whilst holding the Grey & RHS Blue button to enter calibration mode.

Turn the bottom left knob to select 'M_x CAL'
Make sure there are no patch cables connected to any sockets on the module.
Push the bottom right knob to start calibration, "0V" will be displayed, then each Mod input will automatically calibrate to 0V.
When finished the display will read "DONE"
You can safely power off the module, and power up as normal

NEW Firmware V3.5 Update (For DIY KITS only)

Download V3.51 firmware

NB. If upgrading from V3.21 you will need to recalibrate the CV outputs after installation.
Read the firmware update section of the user manual for instructions on how to install.

New features since V3.33:

- All menus now active whilst seq running

- 15 Quantise scales

- Live Gate Programming for X0X style pattern programming

- Root note and offset can be Pre or Post scale quantise

- Seq A note transpose input via MIDI

- Sync pulse output [ for sync resetting of other sequencers ]

- MIDI Clock output in MIDI to CV Mode