M185 Sequencer Eurorack Assembled Module

On sale £420.00


M-185 is the original multi-step-per-stage sequential CV controller/sequencer. Now available in Eurorack.

Retaining all the original core functionality, it has now been upgraded with a whole load of exciting new features.

8 gate modes with individual clock subdivisions per stage, A/B split mode for two separate sequences, 2 channels of CV/GATE, MIDI IN/OUT, quantise scales AND microtonal.

The assembled module comes complete with all the cables needed to get started: 2 x TRS MIDI adapters, 1 x TRS CH2 CV/GATE cable, 1 x Euro Power Cable.


- 2 channels of separate CV and gate outputs
- 2.5V / 5V Quantised or 5V non-quantised for CH1
- 2.5V / 5V Quantised for CH2
- Selectable scale quantisation for CH1
- Programmable glide per stage [ CH1 only ]
- New Reset input [ shared with MIDI input ] - 8 stages, with 1-8 step repeats per stage
- 8 gate modes per stage [ prev versions had only 4 ] :
[ off, once, all, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, probability or programmable, long ]
- AB serial split sequence mode with 1-8 sequence repeats per section
- AB parallel split mode, for two separate simultaneous sequences, great for poly-rhythms !
- 4 seq modes, Forward, Pingpong, Random, Fixed length
- Reset input, and internal Reset from Sequence B
- MIDI note output including programmable velocity
- MIDI clock out, MIDI clock in
- Reset Input, and Internal Reset for Sequence B option
- Clock double for Korg Volca and Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators
- Easy user upgradable firmware using MIDI sysex files.


– +12V = 75mA average, 110mA peak [ in some menu programming modes ]
- 12V = 10mA
– Width: 30 HP
– Depth: 38 mm
– Black anodised Aluminium panel, silkscreen in RAL 9002